An important lesson for the job-hopping millennials


Well, how many years does one have to spend in a company or work in that field to know their proficiency in that. Today, we talk about Mr D.A.ARUN KUMAR who is an independent distributor working the 45 year old company Expert Equipments Pvt Ltd. and its channel partner Expert Levitator.

The USP of Expert Equipments Pvt Ltd being Customisation to clients needs and Site conditions. Levitator has met its customers’ diverse needs while striving to strengthen its technical and development capabilities. Currently, our core products, such as customized elevators for homes and offices, hold a large market share in the Indian market.

He speaks very fondly of this company and how the power consumption of their lifts is 60% less than any other lift in the market.

The key features of the lifts being maintenance free and they also require no pit and head room.

Despite being an independent distributor, he associates most of his personal achievements with those of this firm. He also mentioned that the gateway to success being his continuous supervision from start to finish of the project.  Additionally he also helps his clients to decorate the interiors of the lift shaft.

His successful journey of 14 years accompanying Expert levitators is defined by joy that transcends when he speaks about them.


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