Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the Irrigation officials to chalk out a strategy with an integrated approach for Irrigation projects


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Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the Irrigation officials to chalk out a strategy with an integrated approach for Irrigation projects and prepare an operation maintenance manual.


The CM said, the strategy should be aimed at providing irrigated water to one crore acres of land through optimum utilization of river water of Godavari and Krishna basins. He said that people voted TRS party to power with the confidence that if only TRS government comes to power the irrigation projects will be completed and water for irrigation will be provided. CM said that they would live up to the confidence of the people and will complete all irrigation projects cent percent during the second term. For this, he said, that, officers and work agencies should extend their cooperation towards achieving this. CM gave a call that on the lines of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Projects, Palamuru- Rangareddy Lift Irrigation project also should be completed on a fast track. He said that, for construction of projects in addition to budgetary allocation, funds will also be mobilized from various financial institutions. The CM said that after the completion of the projects necessary funds will be allocated in the budget for their maintenance. He said that in addition to the provision of irrigated water to the farmers statistical data has to be worked out with regard to the requirement of water for industries and for drinking water and to work an action plan has to from which project the required quantity has to be drawn. CM said that top priority should be given to fill up the tanks first, with the water from the projects. For this, he said a plan of action should be prepared. CM also said that even if there is a delay to complete project at a particular place, preparations are to be made on a war footing to fill up the tanks.

The CM held a review for about six hours on irrigation projects at Pragathi Bhavan on Monday afternoon. Retired engineers who recently visited the project works, officials supervising the project works, other senior officers participated in the meeting. The team of retired engineers briefed the CM on the progress of each and every project. While eliciting their views the CM parallelly gave suggestions with regards to various issues then and there. CM also gave suggestions with regards to avoiding delay where ever it is seen as briefed by the retired engineers. The CM also instructed the irrigation officials that the work agencies where ever are showing negligence should be changed.

“People of Telangana waged a relentless fight to achieve a separate state. They sacrificed their lives and ultimately achieved the state. They expected that once Telangana is formed there would be enough of irrigated water. We conceived and commenced construction of irrigation projects in the first term. We took up rejuvenation of chain of tanks through Mission Kakatiya. All these works are in progress. People have recognised the credibility of TRS government in the construction of irrigation projects. They believed that it is only through his government projects will be completed. 75% of the voters voted to TRS for this reason only. In the erstwhile Mahabubnagar district, we completed the pending projects and provided water. This resulted in a reverse migration. Against this background, people voted to TRS in 13 seats. There is a responsibility on this government to complete all the projects and provide water for irrigation for one crore of acres in Telangana in this term. We have a full five-year term with us. There is political stability and there is no dearth of funds. Let us rededicate ourselves with a pledge to provide water for irrigation to the farmers” said the CM.

“Telangana was a backward state. It faced negligence and discrimination during the erstwhile government that is the reason why people struggled for a separate state. Several times I requested PM Modi to recognise one of the Telangana Irrigation projects as National Project. I pleaded him to provide 20-30 thousand crores of rupees for construction of irrigation projects. However there is no response from him and funds were not provided. The Entire country is all praised for Mission Kakatiya and the way the chain of tanks were rejuvenated. The waterman of India Rajender Singh celebrated his birthday at Nekkonda in a tank and complimented the Mission Kakatiya programme. NITI Aayog also has praise of Mission Kakatiya and described it as a great scheme. NITI Aayog recommended to the Union government to provide Rs. 24,000 crores of funds for Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya. However, the Narendra Modi Government did not give even Rs. 24. After the next Lok Sabha elections, we will play a key role at the centre and will be in a position to obtain funds from the centre. Along with this, the revenue growth rate of our state is also excellent. While during the first four years the growth rate was 17.17%, this year till now it registered 29.17%. As there is no dearth of funds let us aim at completion of construction of projects” said the CM.

“Telangana has a share of 950 TMCs in river Godavari. This share was finalised in the united AP government. Accordingly, we are constructing projects on Godavari river namely Kaleshwaram, Tupakula Gudem and Seeta Rama. Through Kaleshwaram Lift irrigation project the irrigated water will be provided to erstwhile Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Warangal, Medak and Nalgonda districts. Drinking water has to be provided to twin cities. With this objective, we are constructing the project. During this year summer itself after completion of all the project works, water should be provided to the fields through this project in coming monsoon through tanks. Construction of Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla barrages, Kannepally, Annaram, Sundilla pump houses should also be completed. Water should reach upto Yellampally at Mid Manair. Every day at the rate of 2 TMCs, water should be drawn from Medigadda. Through 3 barrages 36 TMCs water and in Yellampally 20 TMCs of water are available in the river. As and when the water flows, they should be pumped to the tanks. From out of the water that reaches Yellampally 1 TMC should be diverted to Sri Ram Sagar canal through Mid Manair. Another TMC water should be diverted to Mallannasagar. Through Mallannasagar water should be diverted to Baswapuram and Gandamalla reservoir which are under construction in Aler and Bhuvangiri constituencies. Through Mallannasagar itself drinking water should be reached to the 10 TMC capacity reservoir which is under construction in Hyderabad. Gandipeta and Himayatsagar tanks are also to be filled. Musi river to be cleaned through the water from out of these tanks. The Musi riverfront will be developed on the lines Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad. Godavari River water should also reach to this riverfront. Ultimately through river Musi water should reach the fields of erstwhile Nalgonda district” said the CM explaining the aims and objectives of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project. To reach these objectives the CM has instructed the officials to draw an action plan.

“It is necessary to take stock of Devadula Lift irrigation project being constructed of Godavari river and review in toto. The water flow will be with high speed at Tupakula Gudem after Indravathi river merges in Godavari. To utilize this water, we are constructing a barrage. There is a possibility to draw 75 TMCs of water their per year. The existing designs, canals and other contructions are not of much use. The entire erstwhile Warangal district should get water through Devadula, Pakala, Ramappa, Ghanapuram, Laknavaram tanks are to be filled. Water should be provided to Thungathurthy, Suryapet and Kodad constituencies through reservoir to be built in Thungathurthy constituency. For this, the whole project needs a thorough review and fresh proposals are to be prepared” instructed the CM.

“Through Sitarama Project being built and Dhummugudem, the whole of Khammam district should become fertile. Even in the month of may through Dhummugudem project and with Godavari river water, water should be provided to ayacut under Nagarjunsagar project. Water should be taken upto Bayyaram. Water should be provided to SRSP ayacut also. Keeping in view these issues the necessary constructions area to be taken up” said CM.

“The Palamuru-Rangareddy lift irrigation scheme aiming at providing water to erstwhile Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Rangareddy districts should be speeded up. With the completion of pending projects, the people of Mahabubnagar district has got a lot of confidence on this government. By completing Palamuru project the entire Mahabubnagar district should be made fertile. There is a possibility of drawing 70 TMCs of water from Srisailam shores. Certain Political leaders of this district made attempts to stall construction of this project by filing cases in the courts resulting in certain amount of delay. On the line of Kaleshwaram project and with the same speed the construction of Palamuru Rangareddy lift irrigation project should progress. The required funds will be provided in this budget itself” said the CM.

The CM has instructed the officials concerned that priority should be given to fill up the chain of tanks through project water. In addition to irrigated water importance should be given to drinking water and estimates are to be worked out for allotment of this keeping in view the future needs of the people.

Chief Advisor to the GovernmentSri Rajeev Sharma, Chief Secretary S.K. Joshi, Principal Secretary Finance Ramakrishna Rao, CMO Secretary Ms Smitha Sabharwal, Irrigation Department E.N.Cs Muralidhar Rao, Anil Kumar, Hari Ram, OSD Sridhar Deshpande, Advisor Pentareddy, CEs Venakteshwarlu, G. Srinivas Reddy, B. Shankar, K. Bangaraiah, V. Sudhakar, V. Narasimha, R. Madhusudhan Rao, V. Ramesh, T. Khagender, Retired Engineers Shyamprasad Reddy, Chandramouli, Venkatrama Rao, Venu Gopal Rao, Ram Reddy, Damodar Reddy, Venkatesham, Sathireddy, Ramana Naik, S. Muthyam Reddy, Jagadeeshwar, Jiyavuddin, Indrasena Reddy and others were participated.