How to Select the Right Engineering College and Branch?


NOW that, the results of engineering entrance exams are out. It is time to go through the most important stage in your admission process –  the counselling. The question then arises of how to decide a college when there are thousands of engineering colleges in India. helping You with some of the features of colleges which will help you choose the right college. There are various factors one should keep his/her mind while deciding a college for admission.

Take a survey from your teachers, seniors, colleagues or neighbor, and make a list of top engineering colleges in which you are eligible (eligible as in entrance exam marks , degree you want to pursue ). While making list take care of the following things – 
1. Infrastructure – Since you need practical work and proper machines (devices, software) to pursue Engineering at it best.
2. Placement – Somehow it is one of most important thing that matter for most of us.
3. Other facilities(Faculties, food, environment)
4.  College Accreditation/ Affiliation
5. Student-Faculty Ratio
6. Labs and Instruments

Choosing your branch in engineering is probably the most critical career choice you are going to make. So, it is important to keep note of a few things before doing so. Keep in mind the career opportunities This is the most important parameter, based on which you should try to choose your engineering branch. Try to get a clear understanding of which branch of engineering offers what kind of jobs and what are the daily lives of such professionals. Students often think in terms of pay check they may receive or the kind of opportunities that they will get if they do their engineering in a particular field over another. This is a big mistake because you don’t want to do something that doesn’t interest you for decades. and then comes to most important part
Find your passion – though closely related to the first point, this certainly needs a mention. A lot of times, we give in to the choice of our well-wishers without thinking on what we want. A lot of people I know has opted for mechanical and electrical just because their parents or someone else wanted them to take that up. 

Engineering Branches
1. Aeronautical Engineering2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
3. Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering4. Aerospace Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering6. Civil Engineering
7. Instrumentation Engineering8. Computer Science Engineering
9. Chemical Engineering10. Electrical Engineering
11. Electrical and Electronics Engineering12. Agricultural Engineering
13. Automobile Engineering14. Industrial Engineering
15. Manufacturing Engineering16. Marine Engineering
17. Metallurgical Engineering18. Ceramic Engineering
19. Mining Engineering20. Bio Medical Engineering
21. Electronics and Communication Engineering22. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
23. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering24. Genetic Engineering
25. Production Engineering26.Petrochemical Engineering
27. Polymer Engineering28.Textile Engineering
29. Instrumentation and Control Engineering30. Material Science and Engineering

Top Engineering Colleges in Telangana & AP:


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