Nikhil loses JOB after Height surgery


Techie Nikhil Reddy underwent height-increasing surgery at Global Hospital in Hyderabad two months ago. Very soon, The Youngster realized that he has made the biggest blunder of his life.

Even two months post the surgery, Nikhil Reddy wasn’t able to stand on his feet. He has been taking two pain killers per day overcome the suffering. He accused Global Hospital management of neglecting his treatment completely. ‘I lost my job, everything now. Doctors assured Me that I could walk within 2 days. Even after 60 days, I wasn’t able to do it. They did hide crucial information regarding the surgery from me. Will be complain to Medical Council of India,’ he said.

Nikhil Reddy’s Father Govardhan told, ‘Global Hospital Doctor Chandrabose assured us that my son will be fit within two months. They have performed an experiment on My Son. Global Hospital management pleaded us not to reveal about the issue to Media. We won’t spare Hospital management & doctor who were responsible for my son’s condition,’ warns the Father.